Gaborone’s Top Cafes/Coffee Shops for getting work done 2019
Published on : August 24, 2019

As we might know a conducive work environment can be challenging to come about and many entrepreneurs in Botswana do not have the luxury of office place let alone access to the internet in their homes. Their office is a laptop and fast/reliable internet connection, however with the lack of co-working spaces in Botswana they opt for coffee shops and cafes.

In alphabetical order here is a list of great cafes to great work done in Gaborone:

Abyssinia Riverwalk 

The secret gem of divine and exotic coffee blends for the coffee fanatics, the aroma of exquisite coffee lingers in the air even as you walk past the restaurant. However if you are not too big on rich the smell of coffee beans it might not be a great place to work. Commotion wise, Abyssinia is generally cool and calm for the most part of the day. Easily accessible to those in the University of Botswana(UB), Bontleng and Tlokweng area, easy flow of public transport combies or taxis(Especially from Fairgrounds)

Cafe Dijo 

Another hidden gem to the absolute definition of Cafe, with plenty of greenery and fresh air Cafe Dijo is located at Kgale Hill Shopping Mall. Coffee prices are reasonable and the cafe has other tasty beverages for those that are not too big on coffees or warm beverages. The atmosphere is very ideal for meetings as well. WiFi/Internet connectivity is decent, with 


Located at Airport Junction Mall, Europa has an outdoor feel to its setting with plenty of natural light and air. There is plenty of movement within the general surroundings at certain peak times, something to consider if you have a short concentration span. The food menu is slightly pricey however quality of food is worth every penny. Internet connection is fairly good, while electricity plug ins are few, overall Europa is a cosy yet vibrant place, ideal for meetings. 

Fego Caffe

Conveniently located at The Square Mall, New CBD: FEGO offers one of the finest coffee blends in town along with reasonable decadent and generous pastry treats.Internet speed is flawless whether seated inside the cafe or outdoor seating. The down side to this is although the larger seating area is outdoors, plug points are plenty inside the cafe but none outside. The WiFi/Internet connectivity is great. A cappuccino costs range from P25.

Grand Palm Kalahari Bar/Cafe

Grand Palm Hotel is well known for its exclusive vibe of quiet spaces as many of its customers for the most part are on  business or tourists. The cafe area is subtle during day however since it is by the merged with the bar after all there is a lot of movement which can be typically disturbing. However the WiFi/Internet connectivity is great, and coffee is affordable from the cafe area. 

Mugg & Bean

Known for the generous portions of cakes/baked goods it is their selection of  bottomless beverages that are also cool to try out. Although the restaurant has peak hours of productivity if your schedule is planned right, there is always that very quiet corner one can plot themselves at & seize the day with productivity. Situated at Sebele Centre ideal for those in Gaborone Block 10, Taung area/Block 8,Phakalane. The branch at Riverwalk mall offers a slightly different ambiance much busier than Sebele Mall, with great service and the WiFi/Internet connectivity is fairly good at Riverwalk mall.

No1 Ladies detective Cafe

For Creatives,Art Lovers and entrepreneurs with an appreciation for spaces with a community of people, this cafe is at the very heart of a community of Arts. No Ladies detective cafe is next door to the Thapong Visual Arts centre Gallery, offering a rustic themed cafe with a vary of fresh bakes and refreshing teas. The cafe is often quite and peaceful with a lazy breeze of fresh air indoors and outdoors. The Internet connectivity is fair, along with two electrical outlets only inside the cafe. The cafe is ideally accessible to those in the Tlokweng, the Main Mall and UB area, easy access by combies especially Tlokweng Route 4. A cup of coffee ranges around P30, internet connectivity is decent, with enough plug points for charging ones laptop,which are located in doors only.

Sgotti-Urban Green 

Sgotti is a legit Urban Green vibe, with refreshing modern Interior Design features, its refreshing state of the art space screams co-working space as it shares the floor with London College of International Business Studies at the Old Barclays House on the 2nd Floor. It goes without saying that the atmosphere is that of a conducive work/study environment. Plenty of electric outlets to charge your devices and very good internet connection. Accessibility to the location is generally not a headache whether by public transport or private transport. WiFi /internet connectivity is great.

The Daily Grind

The highlight of modern green-spaces and creativity after the National Museum of course, their menu caters to the health conscious workaholic offering pulp-filled fresh smoothies as their highlight of one of the very few reasonable items on the menu. Seating/work area is plenty and very organised with two sections of the cafe/restaurant. Wi-Fi/Internet Connection is fair within a range of 2-4 Mbps & plenty of electrical plug ins, with a section dedicated to people who might need to get some work done, facing ample natural light. 

Cresta President Hotel 

In the heart of the city: Main mall area, the cafe/bar area is located upstairs with tons of natural light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The WiFi speed is excellent, enough electrical plug-ins with an array of affordable beverages, in addition the area is easy to access since it is in the mainmall , plenty of public transport & traffic flows very well throughout the day. 

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