Internet Service Providers(Gabs Edition)
Published on : January 24, 2020


Internet Service Providers (GABS Edition)

“The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”-Bill Gates. In a world where businesses are conducted more online than ever before, so are the business opportunities found online. The power to connect, innovate, educate and constantly alter the very path of mankind has been greatly influenced by the internet. 

Internet service/packages and speeds have improved to faster network browsing speed to cater to the explosive growth of global data. Internet Service Providers (ISP) offering an array of  internet packages ranging from Broadband Internet  & Dedicated vs Shared fibre (fibre networks). The following is a list of internet service providers with speeds & price rates: [in no particular order]

Cene Media 

    •   3.5 Mbps – P559
    •   5 Mbps    – P 749
    •   7 Mbps   – P 999
    •  10 Mbps  – P 1499
    • 15 Mbps   – P 1799
    • 20 Mbps   – P 2999
  • Once off installation fee– P1884


    • 4 Mbps- P436
    • 20 Mbps- P975
    • 50Mbps- P1985
  • Installation P280

Nashua Botswana 

    • 2.2Mbps-P450
    • 3.2Mbps-P580
    • 4.2Mbps-P680
    • 5.2Mbps-P830
    • 6.2Mbps-P990
  • Installation Fee -P1064


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