Physical Address: 5th Floor, East Tower, Zambezi Towers, CBD

Organizational TypePurchase Order Service Provider

Phone: +267 318 1888

Website: https://www.ticanogroup.co.bw

Company Profile


  • SME Financing
  • Venture Capital
  • Project Advisory and Management


Ticano Group a champion of change in SME Purchase Order Financing in Botswana. We are innovative in our founding approach for both your domestic and international transactions.

We pride ourselves with expert trade finance knowledge, quick turnaround times, good interest rates and in our focus to help the SME grow. Purchase Order Financing- effective short-term financing tool when you are short of cash to pay for goods or materials needed to fulfil customer’s order. “No one should be small forever” No amount is too big or too small for us.


Opelo C.T. Motswagae
Executive Director
+267 318 1888


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